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Vickie Guerrero writes heartfelt letter to WWE fans

Vickie Guerrero wrote a long heartfelt letter saying goodbye to WWE fans and her co-workers, a letter which was published in full by WWE.COM.

In the letter, Vickie revealed that her new career will be in medical administration, leaving behind 9 years of amazing memories with WWE. Her journey in the WWE was not easy and a lot of people helped her along the way. Guerrero thanked practically everyone, naming a lot of people including the agents, Edge, Tamina, Dolph Ziggler, Teddy Long, Michelle McCool, all the camera men, security, referees, arena people, commentators and everyone in between.

She thanked the Undertaker for giving her the greatest moment of all, a tombstone. “I am honored,” Vickie wrote. She also thanked Stephanie McMahon, saying that she is a true example of an independent, strong, and successful woman.

She had special thank yous to Vince and Linda McMahon, John Laurinaitis, and Mark Carrano.

“Eddie thought the world of you and loved you like a brother,” Vickie wrote about Carrano, who has been seen a lot of times on Total Divas dealing with the Divas.

She thanked Laurinaitis for always believing in her and for looking out for both her and Eddie for several years. “Thank you for your honesty and treating my daughters like your own,” she wrote.

And as far as the McMahons, Vickie wrote that she is grateful for the opportunity they gave her. “Vince, Eddie loved you like a dad! He had so much respect for you and it was always important to make you proud. Thank you for believing in me when I didn’t!”

Guerrero then signed off with her trademark catchphrase, “Excuse me.” You can read the full letter at here.

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