Total Divas S8 E3 episode recap: Risky Behavior

The third episode of Total Divas was full of drama between the couples of WWE. It also had the added comedic twist of the Bella Twins discussing the appropriate name to use for man’s private part in front of a child.

Nicole felt that one should just come out and use the term penis, while Brie felt that the euphemism “pee pee” was more appropriate. My question is how often are the Bella Twins discussing the male anatomy in front of children anyway? This is especially true considering that Brie has a daughter, and the twins brother, JJ, has two girls, so I don’t feel as though the term should come up a lot, but then again we are talking about Nikki and Brie Bella here, so you never know.

Meanwhile, another WWE Superstar had more important things on her mind than child appropriate vocabulary.

WWE Superstar Naomi, should be very proud of her husband. Jimmy Uso, the former Tag Team champion has recently lost a good deal of weight and seems to be in better health in general. So, one would think that his wife would have jumped on the health bandwagon as well, but apparently Naomi has a very big sweet tooth that she isn’t quite ready to give up. Jimmy challenged Naomi to stay away from sweets for only one week. But because of Jimmy’s challenge Naomi seemed to crave sweets more than ever. She even hid Skittles in the bathroom medicine cabinet. To his credit, Jimmy, tried to help his wife fulfill her craving for sweets in a way that would be healthier for her, but I think that the only thing he succeeded in accomplishing was to terrify her.

Jimmy thought that Naomi would appreciate being shown how a natural sweetener is made, and therefore hired a beekeeper to put beehives in the backyard and help them harvest some honey. The beekeeper came fully prepared giving the couple a complete protective suit to prevent them from being stung. However, Naomi was still preoccupied with fear and was unable to enjoy the honey harvesting experience. Therefore, Naomi decided that there was no way that Jimmy could push her to dieting. So maybe one day Naomi will decide to go on diet for herself, but meanwhile Jimmy had better stay away from her stash of sweets.

Another WWE couple got in far worse trouble than what would be caused by gaining a few pounds. Lana has been displeased with lack of TV time that she has been given over the past couple of weeks. So, she decided to generate her own buzz by making sure that she and her husband, Rusev were photographed by paparazzi during a recent visit to Los Angeles to promote their new movie.

However, Lana wasn’t satisfied with merely having the paparazzi snap a few shots of them walking hand-in-hand through the streets of LA. Lana insisted that the couple needed a photo shoot that imitated a scene in the film, From Here to Eternity. However, to add her own special twist, Lana decided that she and Rusev should do the scene nude to get more attention. This caused major problems because WWE is a PG company and therefore nude photos are bad for their image.

Lana thought that because she and Rusev were wearing nude bathing suits, it wouldn’t matter. She was wrong. Both she and Rusev were called in to the office of the head of talent relations, Mark Carano, and informed that their behavior was unacceptable. Let’s hope that they have learned their lesson. But, then again, maybe we should hope they haven’t, because their antics make for interesting episodes of Total Divas.

Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck
Dorsey Schroeck is the Total Divas and Total Bellas reporter for Wrestling-Online. She also writes the T&D Indy Top 5 monthly article.

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