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Total Bellas S5 E9 episode recap: Sweat It Out

On this action-packed episode of Total Bellas , a lot of issues were resolved, and one major one was added.

First of all, Brie and Bryan went on a much needed getaway. The couple went to Sedona where they got married several years ago. They visited the location where they had gotten married, and remembered their wedding day. This made Brie even more determined to work on their marriage. First, Bryan planned a visit to a Native American healer. After a quick prayer to Mother Earth, the couple entered a sweat lodge. I’m not sure what was supposed to happen in the lodge, but what happened was a surprise to me. It seemed as though Bryan had had a panic attack to me, but according to him, he had an out of body experience.

Either way, Bryan seemed to have released some negative feelings in the lodge. However, Brie was frightened by Bryan’s attack. Her fear seemed to make Brie even more determined to make more time for her husband. So, one Bella relationship seems to be on the rise.

Meanwhile, whether or not the other relationship is on the rise will depend on what happens next week. Nikki’s boyfriend, Artem, went looking at engagement rings last week with the help of Nikki’s sister, Brie. Apparently, Brie didn’t believe that Artem was all that serious about buying Nikki a ring. However, she found out otherwise when Artem announced that he had.

Furthermore, Artem had gotten a visa for his parents to come over from Russia to France where Nikki and he were going to promote Nikki’s new French wine line. So, that makes a proposal seem even more likely. The upcoming proposal makes Nikki’s family nervous, because they feel as though she might feel pressured to say yes due to his parents’ presence.

So, the entire Bella clan went to provide support for whatever decision she might make. I guess we will find out on next week’s show.

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