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Total Bellas S4 E6 episode recap: The First Date

The Bella Twins ever-present drama showed no signs of abating in the sixth episode of their fourth season. In fact, the drama became so intense that one twin showed signs of cracking under pressure.

While both Brie and Nikki made a wrestling comeback just before WWE’s all women’s pay-per-view Evolution, it was new mom Brie who showed the most ring rust, which caused her to injure her opponent, Liv Morgan. Because Brie prided herself on never before having injured and opponent, Liv’s facial injury upset her greatly.

In addition, online bullies added to Brie’s turmoil by making rude and insensitive comments. While we’re on the subject, this reporter realizes that some of her comments regarding Brie’s performance were also rude and insensitive and they may contribute in future to Brie’s hurt feelings, or the hurt feelings of another reader. If this is the case, I apologize, my intent was only to entertain never to bully. Sometimes we can all forget that even celebrities have feelings, but we shouldn’t. In future let’s all try to be more considerate before posting things online.

The negative backlash Brie received even caused her to begin to think that perhaps a wrestling comeback had been a big mistake. I, for one hope that Brie reconsiders her decision. After all, what would the Bella Twins be with only one Bella? However, I do agree that Brie has been putting too much on your plate this season and applaud her decision to only wrestle on one brand, Monday Night Raw.

Meanwhile, Brie’s sister Nikki also faced an agonizing decision, whether or not to begin dating again. Despite Nikki’s very public breakup with her former fiancé, WWE Superstar John Cena, it seems that Nikki has once again decided to put her personal life on display. She chose to allow her sister, Brie to set her up on a date with The Bachelor alum, Peter. She then further complicated matters by having their first date take place in front of a national television audience.

This would not have been my first choice were I reentering the dating scene after the turmoil that Nikki has suffered in the past year. However, I guess that’s why I’ll never become a celebrity.

The date seemed to go off without a hitch though. Peter, or perhaps his agent, planned a romantic gondola ride for the couple complete with wine from Nikki and her sister’s wine label. This was followed by a fire-lit dinner and conversation by a separate fire. However, the episode ended on a cliffhanger, to kiss or not to kiss? That is the question.

Just as Peter went in for what Nicole claimed would be the first kiss from a new guy in six years, the episode ended. So, we’ll just have to tune in next week to see whether or not the kiss occurs.

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