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Total Bellas S3 E9 episode recap: Paris Bachelorette Part Deux

In that continuation of Nicole’s two-part bachelorette party episode, fans were treated to a bachelorette party, Bella style. When the first part of the episode ended, Nicole’s sister and maid of honor, Brie, had decided that her sister was looking slightly glum, and didn’t appear to be having much fun, despite the gorgeous Parisienne setting, and the opulent surroundings of the exquisite château that Nicole had rented for the occasion.

Let me just say, that I love the Bella Twins; their accomplishments in both WWE and the business world at large are inspiring to women everywhere, but I seriously think Nicole was being a bit picky when it came to her extremely specific instructions for how she wanted her bachelorette party to be, I mean, she practically scheduled every minute of the girls time in Paris with tea times and fancy champagne tasting. Further, she seemed bored by all of it, and wouldn’t even let her sister plan the bachelorette party the way that she wanted to. I mean, if you’re going to plan your entire bachelorette party yourself, what’s the point of even telling someone else they are responsible for it?

However, in true maid of honor spirit, Brie was trying to do everything that she could to please her sister on her big day. So, Brie decided that her sister might enjoy a true masquerade ball complete with fancy gowns, and masks. However, the party planner that she hired didn’t share her vision, and wanted to turn the affair into an evening where all the women were scantily clad and holding whips.

Since this was the exact opposite of the classy bachelorette party Nicole requested; Brie, had to improvise and allow the girls to select their own gowns from a local costume shop. After the ladies dressed in their rented finery; they were all escorted to a chef catered dinner by handsome waiters with glasses of champagne in hand. However, the dinner turned a little maudlin when Lauren, JJ’s wife, mentioned how badly she felt that both she and JJ were away from their young daughter, Vivian.

Then, Lauren happened to mention how many sacrifices parents have to make for their kids, which prompted Nicole to say that “I’m so over sacrifices”. Maybe this is just my opinion, but I don’t think a woman who is tired of making sacrifices should consider having children anytime soon. Nicole’s negativity certainly brought down the party for minute. However, Brie came to the rescue once again, by having the dignified waitstaff turn into strippers and give the bride to be her own personal show, much to the glee of her friends. While I applaud Brie’s to distract Nicole from her sour mood, I also think it’s a little odd to hire strippers for a bachelorette party of a woman who specifically requested, no strippers! Brie is just lucky that her sister seemed to be okay with the idea after all, because of blowup between the two of them would have certainly put a damper on the festivities.

However, Brie wasn’t the only Bella to have their own ideas about how to add to Nicole’s bachelorette party fun. The twins brother, JJ, and mother Kathy seemed to have their own plans as well.

Everyone who’s seen any of the previous seasons of Total Bellas knows that JJ is definitely the Bella family prankster, but who knew that the clan matriarch also had a devious side? After drinking their way around the city of Paris, mother and son with a little help from Kathy’s friend Melissa, decided that it might be fun to toilet paper the trees of the Château where the women were staying, as well as to jump out and scare them while wearing masks.

They seem to care very little about the ramifications of destroying the lawn of such a beautiful Château where royalty was rumored to have slept. Although, JJ did mention that the possibility of arrest had been considered, but didn’t bother him much. In the end, though, no one was arrested, and the Château lawn was cleaned and toilet paper free by this time the party left, or at least I hope so.

Meanwhile, after the twins and their friends returned to the states, Brie’s husband, WWE Superstar, Daniel Bryan, had some important news to relate.

It’s no secret to anyone who’s followed wrestling over the past couple years that Daniel Bryan was forced to retire from in-ring action due to severe injury in 2017. However, Daniel refused to give up on his dream of returning to the ring, and sought help for his injury from specialists all across the United States. Finally, after many exhaustive tests it was determined that Daniel would be clear to perform just before 2018’s Wrestlemania in New Orleans. It’s great to have Daniel back in the ring again, and it will be great to see what happens on next week’s season finale of Total Bellas.

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