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Total Bellas S3 E8 episode recap: A Bella Bachelorette

On this episode of Total Bellas, Nikki invites her girlfriends to join her for a bachelorette party extravaganza in the City of Lights, Paris, France. The only problem was that when she and her fiancé, John Cena, called off their wedding earlier in the season, Nikki had decided to make the trip a family vacation instead. However, when the couple reunited, the bachelorette party was back on.

Then, Nikki felt that it was unfair to take away a trip to Paris from her mother and brother, and therefore invited them to join the party anyway. While I understand Nikki meant well, it seems like it would be extremely awkward for a man to join his sister and her friends for a week of girl time. Further, I feel as though it might be awkward for Nikki’s mom, Kathy, to be privy to all the sex and drink related conversations that typically take place at bachelorette parties.

Clearly, Kathy and JJ felt the same way I do, because minutes after being invited in to the Château that Nikki had rented for the party, Kathy and JJ decided to politely excuse themselves from the festivities. This was a good thing, since Nikki was feeling awkward about their presence as well. However, she did invite them to stay for the evening meal at a fancy French restaurant.

At dinner, however, the conversation quickly turned sexual as the ladies discussed their masturbation habits. Call me old-fashioned, but I would never think of discussing any of my sexual habits in front of my mother! That just seems like an uncomfortable situation for both parties.

Apparently, the Bella Twins also have another bachelorette tradition that I was unaware of. All of the bride’s friends make up embarrassing dares for her to perform over the course of her trip. Nicole attempted to skip out on this tradition, however, her sister and friends were quick to remind her that she had embarrassed each of them during their bachelorette party weekends, so they felt that this was payback time. However, I think that their first dare took place in a very inappropriate spot. Nicole had to hide under the table and scare the waiter at the fancy French restaurant, and I think that the waiter almost had a heart attack!

Nicole’s dares were not yet done. The next day, after champagne tasting, the girls dared Nicole to pretend as though she knew a random stranger, and run up and give them a hug. This dare seemed not only embarrassing, but potentially dangerous, I mean what if one of the strangers had taken Nicole’s hug the wrong way and either attacked her, or tried to grope her! Those would have made for some pretty horrendous headlines, not to mention really bad publicity for the WWE. Luckily, many of the strangers were good sports, and even posed for selfies with Nicole. Meanwhile, Nicole’s mom, Kathy, was busy having her own adventure in Paris.

Apparently, the matriarch of the Bella clan was unfortunately in Paris when a terrorist attack occurred there in 2015. Her already severe anxiety was understandably increased after the incident, especially when it came to flying and traveling abroad. So, during this trip, her son JJ was determined to make sure that his mother had a good experience. He tried taking her on a Ferris wheel which overlooks the city, but, he neglected to remember her fear of heights! Luckily, he brought along several bottles of wine for the journey which slightly eased Kathy’s anxiety.

However, the turning point in Kathy’s trip came when she and JJ shared a glass of wine with a Paris native who explained to them that the city has been able to move on in the wake of the tragedy, they have even erected a memorial plaque for the victims of the tragedy which Kathy and JJ visited. Afterwards, Kathy seemed to feel better knowing that if citizens of Paris were able to move on she should be able to as well.

Meanwhile, Nicole’s bachelorette party weekend wasn’t going as well as her maid of honor and sister Brie would have hoped. Nicole seemed sour and unhappy despite Brie’s best efforts. So, Brie decided that the girls should have a masquerade ball, and be dressed by a professional stylist. However, since Brie was unable to throw together a ball on such short notice, she hired a party planner and stylist who was supposed to help plan the impromptu bash. But instead of bringing ball gowns for the girls to dress up in, the stylist brought revealing lingerie along with breast tassels! So much for Nicole’s classy bachelorette party.

We will just have to see how this drama ends on the next episode of Total Bellas.

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