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Total Bellas S3 E4 episode recap: The Bella Comeback

Breaking up may be hard to do, but it sure didn’t stop Nikki Bella from kicking some serious butt on this week’s episode of Total Bellas.

Of course, Nikki wasn’t alone as this week’s episode chronicles an important event in WWE history, the first-ever Women’s Royal Rumble. In the past women have been thought to be far too delicate state in this iconic event which involves Superstars tossing one another out of the wrestling ring one by one until only one participant out of the 30 original men are left. However, with the women’s revolution sweeping through the WWE like wildfire, the powers that be at WWE finally decided that it was time for the women to take center stage in a Rumble of their own.

The Rumble brought together past, present, and future women Superstars of WWE on one stage in Philadelphia. Certainly, the Bella Twins weren’t going to miss the chance to participate in the historic event. However, since both women have retired, it’s been a while since the sisters have had to practice their craft, so some training was definitely in order.

For training, there’s no better place than Florida, home of the WWE’s Performance Center. Florida has also been one of the home bases for Nikki Bella and her ex fiancé, John Cena. Packing her things brought back a rush of memories for Nicole. This is no surprise since some of John and Nicole’s sweetest moments have taken place in their Tampa home. It certainly didn’t help that upon arriving to the house, Nicole found a dozen red roses and a sweet card from John. Perhaps, he’s having second thoughts? Whatever John’s feelings though, the show had to go on. The Bella sisters had to get training.

The Bella Twins have always been known for their teamwork and great in ring chemistry, but it appeared that both women were having a little trouble adjusting after their long hiatus. It didn’t help that Brie still struggling with post-pregnancy body image issues, or that Nikki still has limitations because of her neck injury a few years ago. However, with a little help from Brie’s husband Daniel Bryan, the two were soon ready to get in the ring again. In fact, Nikki went on to become the runner-up in the women’s Royal Rumble after losing to Asuka. Overall, it was an incredible evening for women sports entertainment.

Meanwhile, the twins’ mother, Kathy, was able to realize a lifelong dream in this episode. Apparently, before becoming a mom, Kathy had gone to the University of Tampa in hopes of becoming a broadcast journalist. However, after becoming pregnant with twins during her freshman year, Kathy dropped out of college to raise her girls. In a strange twist of fate, the University asked the Bella Twins to do the weather on their collegiate news channel while they were in town, and Brie and Nikki decided to recommend their mom instead!

While this was a generous act on the twins part, at first it seemed as though they’d done nothing except cause their mother extra anxiety. While rehearsing for her on camera broadcasting debut, Kathy stumbled, swore, and sweated her way through many practice broadcasts. Then she fronted about her choice of outfit and whether or not students would find her relatable considering the age. Even once she arrived on campus she stumbled her way through two broadcast takes before asking Nicole to come relieve her of her duties.

However, when she saw that even Nicole stumbled some during her take, Kathy was able to come back for one more take and ended up doing a fantastic job. This episode was full of dreams accomplished for both generations of Bella women, and that makes me look forward to next week’s episode even more!

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