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Top Dolla comments on Smackdown dive botch


Hit Row’s Top Dolla was lucky to escape a serious injury when he went for a dive over the top rope on Smackdown and didn’t get enough jump, hitting the top rope and had an ugly crash landing.

The Viking Raiders and Legado Del Fantasma were ready to catch him but Dolla, real name AJ Francis, had a moment to forget with a big botch. The internet wasn’t kind to him and Twitter was having a ball at his expense.

“There is absolutely no way,” Michael Cole screamed on commentary before Dolla took flight. “I guess there’s a reason he doesn’t do that often,” he then quipped. Thankfully, he wasn’t seriously injured although he was favoring his leg afterward.

“One of my legs gave out on the jump but I’m good thankfully. Already been checked out,” he tweeted after the show, but as you can probably imagine, fans online still ripped him a new one.

He then uploaded a video of doing the jump at an indie show when he was 50 pounds heavier than he was on Friday to show fans he really can do it.

“My leg gave out on live TV and some of y’all jokes are actually very funny but calling me a liar is super weird. It could’ve been way worse so I’m blessed,” he said.

AEW’s Mark Henry had words of encouragement for Top Dolla, reminding him that anyone who has ever performed has failed at some point.

“It’s a part of the process to get better. Why would you listen to people that have no idea how to do what you did, the ability or confidence to do what you did an the athleticism to perform that maneuver when the cameras are rolling,” Henry said.

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