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Tom Prichard rips on WWE for their handling of the Bill DeMott case

Bill DeMott

Tom Prichard, the former head trainer at WWE NXT, unleashed a series of tweets against his former employer, WWE, and the so-called investigation into Bill DeMott a few years ago.

Prichard talks about how a picture is worth a thousand words and mentions how a picture of Luke Gallows with a jelly doughnut “in his ass” giving Zack Ryder a stink face was given to WWE’s Senior Director of Talent Development Canyon Cemen but nothing was done.

“One, two, maybe five disgruntled employees I can see… But more and more are coming forward every day! It’s not like no one knew,” wrote Prichard, accusing his former bosses for being incredible arrogant and incompetent.

Prichard questioned why DeMott was even hired to come back and why something wasn’t done a long time ago, during his first run as an instructor.

Prichard then ripped into Cemen some more, saying when talent sends you confidential e-mails you should investigate properly and not claim you did one but in fact it never happened. Prichard admitted that he did call Cemen a “f’n asshole” to his face before he was eventually fired from his job.

“I have a lot to say. When the time’s right. But the more sh!t I see, the more pissed I get. They can’t claim ignorance. Stupidity, yes. But there were people in key positions who knew about his past and chose to ignore it. Why?” Prichard asks.

Prichard was hired by WWE in 2007 as head trainer, replacing, ironically enough, Bill DeMott to head up Deep South Wrestling and then Florida Championship Wrestling. In May 2012 he was then fired, and replaced by DeMott.

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