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The WWE ThunderDome era ends tonight

WWE fans will see the WWE ThunderDome for the last time ever – hopefully – tonight as an end of era that seemed to last like a lifetime comes to a close with the final broadcast of Monday Night Raw.

While the last live taping was held on Friday for Smackdown, tonight’s Raw was taped this past Tuesday and WWE has already took down the structure inside the Yuengling Center.

The assembly and technology of the ThunderDome and the overhaul of the WWE PC as the Capitol Wrestling Center cost WWE over $20 million but it was a necessary cost to pay following months of dreadful shows inside a dull Performance Center. WWE trucks arrived at the Amway Arena on August 14 to start the makeover of the arena and WWE held its first show inside the ThunderDome on August 21.

The Amway Arena, Tropicana Field, and the Yuengling Center all played their part over the past 10 months to host around 100 television and pay-per-view tapings, making the WWE product somewhat more watchable by bringing in technology, lights, pyro, and virtual fans.

But thankfully, starting this Friday, WWE hits the road again with Smackdown live from Houston, Texas as some sense of normalcy returns for the promotion.

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