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The Miz gets roasted big time by fellow Superstars after losing UpUpDownDown championship match

After beating The Miz in the UpUpDownDown championship match, Tyler Breeze cut a hilarious promo which ended with a zinger that left all the other WWE Superstars on the call laughing in stitches.

“I am the best ever. Miz, you got a reality show but you suck man, you suck! You take all your VHS movies and you shove ’em in your big fat mouth because you never shut up except for right now because you have nothing to say,” Breeze yelled. “You got some more of this, Miz? Cash me outside! Cash me outside how about that!”

Joining the broadcast apart from host Xavier Woods were Cesaro, Adam Cole, and Samoa Joe. The Miz, who had just lost the match, blamed his performance on the controller.

“I don’t know if you guys noticed this but this is the longest that The Miz has been speechless. You take all your accolades, you take your hugely successful career, and you get off of my screen,” Breeze continued as Miz was trying hard not to crack laughing.

At one point, Maryse tells The Miz that he needs to clean the kitchen, and Miz says no. “Tell her you lost while you’re scrubbing the oven,” Breeze says. “Don’t put it on self-clean, you better scrub that thing out, Miz!”

As all of them continued to roast The Miz in the most hilarious way, Breeze had the perfect parting shot. “Miz I heard you’re going to be in the sequel of See No Evil…it’s called See No Talent!”

At that point, everyone lost it, with Woods on the floor and Cesaro, Cole, and Joe laughing their asses off. “Stop it! He’s a human being dammit,” screamed Joe.

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