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The Almighty Era has begun! Bobby Lashley wins WWE title on Raw

There’s a new sheriff in town and his name is Bobby Lashley. The 44-year-old defeated The Miz last night on Raw to claim his first WWE title of his career.

The start of the match was stretched over the three-hour broadcast and was supposed to start at the top of the second hour at 9PM. But The Miz complained that he had stomach cramps and the match was pushed to the top of the third hour at 10PM.

Being the typical heel, The Miz got himself counted out when the match started and thought he escaped with the title, but Shane McMahon showed up and told him that if he doesn’t defend the title, he would be stripped off it and the belt would be given to Lashley.

The match turned into a lumberjack one and Lashley applied The Hurt Lock to take out The Miz and win the title in a dominating performance.

After the show, Lashley tweeted that The Almighty Era has now begun.

This is Lashley’s first major title in the WWE. He previously won the WWE version of the ECW Heavyweight title, the Intercontinental title, and the United States title.

He also becomes the third African American WWE champion following The Rock and Kofi Kingston.

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