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Stephanie McMahon joins The Bump to talk women’s evolution in WWE

WWE Chief Brand Officer Stephanie McMahon appeared on The Bump today to talk about the fifth year anniversary of the women’s evolution in WWE.

Stephanie said that from a professional standpoint, what happened meant the world to her and from a personal standpoint…it meant the world to her as well as the women were given the ball and they ran with it, taking the spotlight to another level.

Steph said that she always stood up for what she believes in and was always a strong voice in the room when it came to the women’s division, although she cannot take the credit or accolades for making it happen as it was really the fans who made it happen when the #GiveDivasAChance started trending on social media.

When asked about now women being regularly in main events on NXT, Raw, Smackdown, and even on pay-per-views, Stephanie said that they deserve the spot and not just because they’re women, but because most of the time it is the most engaged storyline on the show. Steph mentioned WrestleMania 35 and how she got choked up backstage while talking to Charlotte, Ronda, and Becky and it was awesome for her little girls and other girls to see women competing in the main event at a place where a few years earlier, the only women match at WrestleMania 29 got cut due to time constraints.

Speaking about WrestleMania 34 and her tag match against Kurt Angle and Ronda Rousey, Steph said that it was the most physically-challenging thing she ever did in her life because she had to train at least be capable to showcase Ronda’s abilities. She said that there was a lot of pressure as that was Ronda’s first match, was tagging with her husband, and an Olympic gold medalist was in the opposing corner, but she was really proud to get in there and take a beating like that and called it one of the biggest highlights of her career.

The discussion then turned to slaps and as most of you know, Steph can throw a pretty mean slap. She mentioned the slap to Brie Bella and how Brie returned the favor later with one of the hardest slaps she’s ever gotten.

The Evolution pay-per-view from 2018 was also discussed and she called it incredibly special as WWE never did it before and they were all a part of history. She said the WWE women proved everyone wrong that night considering the amount of people in the arena and celebrities who turned up to see the show.

There was no mention of if there will be another Evolution pay-per-view.

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