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Stephanie McMahon assumes power at WWE as Chairwoman and CEO

Stephanie McMahon’s leave of absence was cut short just weeks after she announced her temporary departure from the company and is now back into the thick of things as the most powerful person – interim Chairwomen and CEO of World Wrestling Entertainment.

Stephanie, who until she left had the role of Chief Brand Officer, becomes the first woman to chair the WWE Board of Directors and the second female CEO following her mother Linda McMahon.

On May 19, McMahon announced that she would be leaving WWE to take care of her family but vowed to eventually return as WWE was a lifelong legacy for her. McMahon endured a rough six months due to her husband’s health which took a toll on her and her whole family.

But in times of an emergency, the WWE board appointed her as interim Chairwoman and CEO to replace her father Vince, who is now being investigated for a $3 million payment in hush money to conceal an affair with a former WWE employee. John Laurinaitis, the head of WWE Talent Relations, is also involved and likely to lose his job as well.

In an e-mail sent to WWE staff this morning, McMahon informed them that she will be returning from her leave and assuming her new role.

“I love our company and am excited to continue to work with our President & Chief Revenue Officer Nick Khan and our Chief Financial & Administrative Officer Frank Riddick,” Stephanie’s e-mail read. “And of course, I look forward to working with all of you. My door is always open.”

In the press release issued by WWE, McMahon said that she is committed to work with the independent directors of the WWE board to strengthen the culture of the company, saying that having a safe and collaborative workplace is extremely important to her.

Stephanie also said she will do everything in her power to help the investigation proceed and implement the findings of the special committee.

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