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Sonya Deville proposes to girlfriend Toni Cassano


WWE Superstar Sonya Deville announced that she is now engaged to her fiancé Toni Cassano. The news was carried by PEOPLE, who had exclusive photos from the proposal.

The two met each other less than a year ago after Deville invited Cassano to a live event. They had never met before the show and Deville saw her live for the first time after she made her entrance!

“I got her a front-row ticket to my show, and I was going to take her out to dinner after,” Deville told PEOPLE. “But I didn’t have time to meet her before the show, so the first time I ever saw Toni was when I was coming out doing my entrance ready to wrestle and I looked into the crowd.”

The 29-year-old then proposed to Cassano on February 15 at a wine cellar cave in Towaco, New Jersey, and right after giving her a custom-designed ring in front of her friends and family, Cassano had a surprise for Deville: an engagement ring she had carried with her for months.

“I proposed, then Toni’s like, ‘Grab my purse.’ And she pulls out a freaking ring box, and she’s like, ‘I’ve been carrying this around in my purse for four months. So whenever you proposed, I could give you a ring immediately back,'” Deville said.

Cassano has two young daughters, aged 7 and 11, and while they were involved in the proposal, she said that she wanted them to be as surprised as well.

“I wanted it to be epic,” Sonya continued. “I’ve never proposed to a woman before and I wanted this to be the most special for Toni and for her kids too.”

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