Smackdown TV report for 02/17/2023

Arena: Center Bell
City: Montreal, QB, Canada

Smackdown opens with a memorial tribute picture of the late Jerry Jarrett

We are then shown a video package of last week involving The Usos and their match with Ricochet and Braun Strowman last week as well as after the match with Sami Zayn and Paul Heyman.

Natalya & Shotzi VS. Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

Shotzi gets the tag from Natalya and picks up Rousey to set up the Hart Attack but Shayna grabs Natalya’s leg as she is running and pulls her out of the ring and Rousey reverses the hold on Shotzi and locks in the arm bar submission and Shotzi has to tap out.

Winners: Ronda Rousey & Shayna Baszler

A package of the Bloodline and Sami Zayn is shown.

Hit Row is now in the ring and talking and the lights go out. Bray Wyatt’s music comes on Bray and Uncle Howdy are on the apron of the ring. Hit Row attacks and Howdy takes out Ashante, Bray gives the mandible claw to Top Dollar over the top rope, then Howdy hits sister Abigail on Ashante. Bray gets the microphone and says your welcome Montreal.  Bray says now that he is in control of himself and his family, Brock Lesnar and Bobby Lashley whomever wins tomorrow night they should run.

Sheamus & Drew McIntyre VS. The Viking Raiders

As the Viking Raiders set up Drew for a double team maneuver, Sheamus makes his way back to the ring after being sent into the corner post shoulder first and hits the Brogue Kick on Ivar allowing Drew to hit the Claymore on Erik to get the win.

Winners: Sheamus & Drew McIntyre

Kayla Braxton interviews Rey Mysterio and they talk about a special moment between Rey and Santos Escobar where Santos gives Rey one of his masks and Rey in return gives Santos one of his masks. Rey gets interrupted by Karrion Kross, Kross insults Rey as a father and challenges him to do something about it. Tick Tock.

Liv Morgan VS. Asuka

Carmella is on commentary and Raquel Rodriguez comes out and starts to argue with Carmella. Meanwhile Nikki Cross comes between Wade Barrett and Michael Cole. Asuka locks Liv in the double arm lock for the win.

Winner: Asuka

After the match, Carmella comes in the ring and kicks Asuka. Natalya comes in and clotheslines Carmella. Nikki Cross comes in and give Natalya a spinning neck breaker. Raquel Rodriguez comes in and hits a powerbomb on Nikki. Raquel then walks over to the corner and helps Liv to her feet only for Liv to hit a double knee to the face and Asuka back in kicks Raquel. Asuka and Liv stare and smile at each other while looking up at the Eimination Chamber and Liv slides out of the ring.

Gunther is interviewed about his upcoming title defense with Madcap Moss and Gunther says like everyone else he will fall to the ring general.

Gunther VS. Madcap Moss for the Intercontinental Championship

Gunther catches Madcap in a sleeper hold for a few minutes and then turns him around into the power bomb and retains the championship.

Winner and Still WWE Intercontinental Champion: Gunther

Sami Zayn comes to the ring in his hometown to rally the crowd for tomorrow night’s Elimination Chamber and his chance at the WWE Undisputed Universal Champion Roman Reigns. The crowd chants “Ole” “Sami” and “You Deserve It” and is cheered loudly for several minutes while Sami just stood and absorbed the cheers.

Sami says this time of year they point at the WrestleMania sign and say that is the biggest show of the year and it is but tomorrow night it’s once in a lifetime for him and the city of Montreal. He then tells Roman tomorrow night its Roman against Sami and the entire city of Montreal and he is going down.

Joe Adams
Born, raised, and living in Pennsylvania, Joe has been a wrestling fan since the early 80's. He also likes the NFL, playing Madden Football on consoles, and camping. He is a proud father of four kids.

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