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Seth Rollins says fan attack was “terrifying” and hopes attacker is banned from WWE

Speaking to TMZ.COM, Seth Rollins said that the fan attack on Raw happened very quickly and said it was “terrifying.”

Rollins told TMZ Sports after he landed at the Los Angeles airport that what he did was mostly a reaction to contain the assailant and hoped that their security team would come and do their job. “Which they did very quickly,” Rollins added. A WWE referee was quick in jumping on the fan and within seconds security officials and WWE referees were on the scene as well.

The former WWE champion said after it happened, he was trying to “detach and move on” and hoped that everyone involved was okay, confirming that he suffered no injuries.

But Rollins did admit that the attack was terrifying and hoped that the 24-year-old man would not be allowed at any future WWE events. The incident could have been much worse if the fan was armed. Footage from inside the Barclays Center showed the fan coming out of a blind corner and spearing Rollins. Rollins put him in a headlock until security came in to take over.

The attacker posted on social media several exchanges with some guy who posed as Seth Rollins, a possible reason why he decided to attack on Raw.

This was the second fan attack at the Barclays Center at a WWE event as a few years ago, Bret “Hit Man” Hart was also attacked on stage during the Hall of Fame ceremony. Several wrestlers jumped in to intervene and even had a parting punch or two at him.

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