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Seth Rollins at WWE tryouts today in Nashville

While officially he does not have a match at SummerSlam yet, Seth Rollins is obviously in Nashville for all the SummerSlam activities and today he showed up at the WWE tryouts which are being held at Wildhorse Saloon.

Today’s event was open for the public as WWE sold tickets to the tryouts for the first time ever. Rollins was seen interacting with the others and has several media obligations booked as part of the weekend.

His match against Riddle was removed from the card this week after WWE said that Riddle was injured following Raw. But Riddle is not injured and the match was removed due to creative reasons.

The tryouts got some added publicity with NBA star Dwight Howard showing up yesterday and even today where he participated in drills and promos trying to impress the scouting coaches.

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