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Seth Rollins addresses “Cody” chants during Raw segment

Chants of “Cody” were very audible during the Seth Rollins in-ring segment with AJ Styles last night on Raw and the former WWE and Universal champion even acknowledged them.

“Simmer down Chicago,” Rollins said as fans inside the Allstate Arena started a “Cody” chant. “Rumors are a lot of fun but rumors don’t make moments and I’m living for my WrestleMania moment,” Rollins told the crowd.

Cody was not there on Monday Night Raw and Rollins lost another shot at making it to WrestleMania when he lost his main event match against AJ Styles after Edge made an appearance and whacked Styles with a chair for the DQ.

Rollins then emulated Bret “Hit Man” Hart and grabbed the mic and repeatedly said that this is “bullshit,” adding that he won’t allow Monday Night Raw next week to happen unless he gets his WrestleMania match. Bret Hart famously did a similar angle back in 1997 after he lost a title match against Sid and threw a tantrum by losing it in the ring.

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