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Rich Swann arrest details, victim is his wife and indy wrestler Su Yung

The police report on the arrest of Rich Swann listed his wife, Vannarah Riggs, better known as Su Yung, as the victim of the domestic abuse.

Describing both as professional wrestlers, the report states that Swann was critiquing his wife’s performance after a show in downtown Gainesville just hours earlier. He began to get angry with her and she got scared and got out of the car on the way to home. “The Def stopped his vehicle in the middle of traffic and the vic jumped out. The Def gave chase and yelled for the Vic to get back in the car. The Vic told the Def she did not want to get back in the car and she continued to walk away,” the report states.

Swann then grabbed her by the arm and neck and placed her in a headlock, dragging her back in the car while his wife screamed for help. A witness saw the whole incident going down and called the police to report it. “Wit 1 said that the Vic was beating on the window screaming for help as they drove away again,” the report continues.

Another witness described Swann driving erratically and then the victim, his wife, jumped out of the vehicle while it was moving and ran away. Swann got out of the vehicle and gave chase, forgetting to put the car on park so the vehicle kept rolling down until it hit a telephone pole.

In the report, Riggs described her husband as having a temper and was trying to get away as she was scared it would escalate into physical violence. After he was arrested, Swann told the cops that he did not grab her and his wife got in the car voluntarily. He said that she was manning the GPS on her phone which was getting them back home and he needed her in the car.

The report states that the duo have been married for nine months and been together for five years.

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