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Rey Mysterio drops son Dominik, accepts WrestleMania match

You knew the fans were going to pop big when it eventually happened…and after months and months of teasing, Rey Mysterio has finally decked his son and accepted his challenge for WrestleMania.

On Smackdown last night, Dominik distracted his dad in his match against LA Knight, causing him to lose. But the actions afterward at ringside finally pushed Rey over the edge. Dominik was berating his mother and his sister who were sitting at front row, calling her a deadbeat mother for doing nothing about it. His sister tried to step up to him but he got in her face and called her stupid.

At one point his mother took his mic and after addressing him, he took her mic away and screamed “shut up” in her face. That was the last nail in the coffin for Dominik as Mysterio ran to ringside and punched him in the face to a massive pop from the Las Vegas crowd.

With Dominik down, Rey said that he didn’t want to hit him, but he made him do it and if he wants a fight at WrestleMania…well, he got one. That prompted another big pop from the fans and “Yes!” chants, capping off another excellent angle on the show.

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