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Reigns on Lesnar match: “I hope it’s the last time! It hurts, it’s brutal!”

The Tribal Chief was part of the third hour of NBC’s TODAY show to talk SummerSlam and family life in a segment that lasted around four minutes.

Reigns said that he’s on course to do something that no one has ever done in this business, and that’s dominate Brock Lesnar.

“We’re entering that kind of time frame in my career where I’m pushing myself to a different level and trying to achieve things that never been done before,” Reigns said. “Anytime you can beat Brock Lesnar three times in a row, that’s pretty good. That’s a feather in the cap.”

Asked what we can expect at SummerSlam, Reigns laughed and didn’t think twice about the answer.

“I hope it’s the last time! It hurts, it’s brutal. He’s a big old country boy and he’s got such a legitimate background,” Reigns noted, listing Brock’s several accomplishments as an amateur wrestler and mixed martial artist.

Discussion then turned to family and life at home and he said it’s pretty loud and hectic with five kids and joked that he treats them like a business “because there’s so many of them.”

He mentioned that he has a lot more time at home now so those relationships with his kids are strengthening and bonds are getting better. He said he would not be surprised if his kids enter the business down the road considering the family history.

You can watch the whole segment below.


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