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Referees have some fun with The Big Show after Raw goes off the air

After Monday Night Raw went off the air, Brock Lesnar showed up looking for a fight along with his advocate Paul Heyman.

The Big Show answered the challenge – again – and just like a few weeks ago, Show got suplexed and then F5’ed. That was enough to justify Lesnar’s payday, but something funny happened after Lesnar left the ring.

With the referees surrounding a motionless Big Show and arguing with each other, the three in zebra stripes decided to have a little fun. With Big Show on the mat, referee Chad Patton went to cover him for the pinfall while the other two refs – Darrick Moore and John Cone – went for the count. When the two refs hit the two-count simultaneously, the Big Show kicked out, sending Patton flying. The three referees then bolted out as quickly as they could and Big Show stood up fast.

The crowd appreciated the comedy and cheered for Big Show, who waved to the remaining fans before he exited the ring. You can see the video below.

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