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Raw rating for 09/27/2021

Monday Night Raw drew a total of 1,709,000 viewers on average for the post-Extreme Rules show, a decrease of 84,000 viewers. The show did not get a post-PPV bump as it’s often the case thanks in part to the near 13 million viewership of the NFL game on ESPN.

Raw started with 1,818,000 viewers in the first hour, decreased to 1,714,000 viewers in the second hour, and then crashed to 1,596,000 viewers for the third hour which had Big E vs Lashley in a steel cage match. Raw lost almost a quarter of a million viewers from the first to the third hour.

The show placed #7, #8, and #9 in the top 50 cable chart among the 18-49 with 0.49, 0.48, and 0.46 ratings for an average of 0.47, down 0.02 from last week. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)

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