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Pat McAfee jokes that he was “bullied” into shaving his beard prior to Smackdown

Pat McAfee discussed how he was ribbed into shaving clean for the first time in his life this past Friday on Smackdown so he could play the part of Vince McMahon during the throwback episode of Smackdown.

“I was bullied into shaving my face. Michael Cole was one of the leaders of that bullying. I thought it was Be A Star,” McAfee said during his show. The Be A Star is a reference to WWE’s old anti-bullying campaign.

McAfee said that Cole told him that he could commit to the part by shaving, apart from wearing a wig which McAfee said was so small for his head that he thought his forehead was in a rear-naked choke!

“A lot of people in WWE were like… ‘This is awesome…we’ll remember this and you doing it for the character,'” McAfee continued.

He said that he looked terrible after he shaved and then proceeded to shoot a bunch of Vince McMahon-related skits. But after everything was done, McAfee said that all the stuff he recorded was not going to air. When he walked back to the building, those who motivated him to shave his face were apologizing and telling him that it will eventually grow back!

“Four days. Nothing. That beard was older than Jesus f*cking Christ. I look like I’m 12!”

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