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Pat McAfee and wife Samantha expecting their first baby

WWE Smackdown commentator Pat McAfee and his wife Samantha are expecting their first baby. The news was announced by Samantha in a post on social media where she detailed the incredibly difficult road to pregnancy.

Samantha wrote that she already had two miscarriages and almost lost her life twice due to internal bleeding, apart from losing both her fallopian tubes.

“In July, we started our IVF journey. It’s hard to put into words what all comes with IVF. It is physically demanding and emotionally challenging for the both of us,” she wrote. “Pumping my body with so many hormones, the anxiety, the hope, truly being a human science project. Also despite my many tattoos, I absolutely hate needles so getting shots everyday (sometimes 3 in one day) was not easy on me or for Patrick to have to cause pain to me. I would like to believe IVF has made our relationship stronger.”

Pat, who is on hiatus from WWE at the moment until his GameDay duties are done, thanked his wife for being an “absolute badass” throughout the whole journey.

“Your persistence and resilience has been nothing short of inspiring… it certainly hasn’t been an easy road but, nothing worth having comes easily. I can’t wait to be a parent with you. I love you,” McAfee wrote.

He also thanked his friends and family for the support throughout this very difficult period.

“We are eternally grateful,” McAfee concluded.

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