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“Passing of the torch” between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt on Raw

There was a moment on RAW IS XXX where it was described as the passing of the torch between The Undertaker and Bray Wyatt.

Taker, making his first appearance in front of a crowd on WWE television for the first time since his Hall of Fame induction last year, came out and interrupted LA Knight. Taker’s iconic music started but then it was taken over by Kid Rock’s American Badass song and The Undertaker came out riding his bike in his Big Evil gimmick.

Knight ran his mouth and decided to “save” The Undertaker by walking away but he was met by Bray Wyatt, who he will take on this Saturday at the Royal Rumble. Knight went back in the ring and The Undertaker grabbed him by the throat, everyone expecting a choke slam. But that did not happen and Taker threw Knight into the hands of a waiting Bray Wyatt who hit the Sister Abigail to dispose of his opponent.

Afterward, The Undertaker picked up his sunglasses, walked over to Wyatt, whispered something in his ear, and exited the ring.

“This moment justified a lifetime of sacrifices for me. A lifetime of people treating my uniqueness like it was a disease,” Wyatt wrote on Twitter. “Through all the bad times I never changed myself to fit anyone’s narrative. I’m proud of that. Thank you Taker.”

Meanwhile, The Undertaker also commented on his interaction with Bray Wyatt. “Moments define this industry. This one was special!”

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