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Oops! WWE 2K social media accounts hacked!

The social media accounts of 2K were hacked last night and the WWE 2K Facebook and Twitter pages had some embarrassing moments before the accounts were reclaimed by the company.

“We are aware that social media accounts across the 2K label have been compromised and offensive material is being posted that does not reflect the values of 2K or our partners. We are actively working to fix this as soon as possible,” a tweet read.

The WWE 2K Facebook page had it’s header photo changed to Chris Benoit in front of a Hall of Fame logo, photos of All Elite Wrestling posted on the wall, stills from the leaked Paige sex video as the profile photo, and then a complete AEW takeover with profile and header photos.

Several posts were also uploaded including those saying “WWE IS FAKE,” “yo, let’s get 10k likes and I’ll release Randy Orton gangbanging a whore with Triple H,” and many others.

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