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ESPN’s Michelle Beadle explains her situation with WWE and Triple H

In a long post on Twitter using the Twitlonger service, ESPN’s Michelle Beadle explained her situation with WWE and her disapproval of Triple H supporting the “serial abuser” Floyd Mayweather Jr.

Beadle said that she’s a fan of Triple H, both as a wrestler and as an executive for WWE and WWE as a company has been very good to her, sending wrestlers to her shows and giving her some great seats to events.

Beadle noted how the Wellness Policy states that WWE has zero tolerance policy for domestic abuse and then pasted the paragraph from the document which says that WWE Superstars or Divas would be suspended and then terminated if there is a conviction.

She explained how it was “confusing” for her that Triple H displayed his approval for Mayweather after all this even though maybe the person behind the tweet was Paul Levesque the fan and not Paul Levesque the WWE executive.

“The era in which we’re living is rapidly changing. And the lines between one’s corporate and private personas have blurred,” she wrote. “I realize he doesn’t speak for everyone, but does he realize that when he shows support to a convicted batterer, friend or not, it can effectively damage so much goodwill that the company is admittedly doing? It’s hard to sell a message of anti-bullying while slapping the ultimate bully on the back. I was a fan. A big fan. But it’s time to use my voice.”

Beadle was at ringside for WrestleMania 31 and even hosted the Brock Lesnar exclusive interview on ESPN where he announced he has signed a new deal with WWE.

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