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McAfee and Cole kept in the dark over Becky and Brock SummerSlam surprises

During today’s episode of The Pat McAfee Show, Pat and his broadcast colleague Michael Cole discussed the two surprises at SummerSlam and some behind the scenes stuff that took place in between matches.

McAfee said that he’s kept in the dark most of the times and he’s left out of meetings which is a good thing because he prefers not to know what’s going to happen but at SummerSlam, even Michael Cole was unaware that both Becky Lynch and Brock Lesnar were making their return.

McAfee noted how he looked “like a f*cking idiot” when he kept putting over Sasha Banks and then half a second later, Greg Hamilton went on the mic and announced that she was not there. He said he looked over at Cole, who put his hands up to say that he didn’t know either and then Lynch came out and they lost it.

Cole said that you hope for that one surprise at major shows like they had with Cena and Money In The Bank but to have two surprises of that caliber in one show was “pretty damn incredible.”

McAfee recounted how there were times during the Cena/Reigns match that he thought Cena was legit going to win and Cole said he came out of his seat a couple of times during the very near falls.

And then after putting over Reigns following his win saying how no one can beat him, Brock’s music hit.

“Oh dude I was so pumped,” McAfee said. The two discussed how huge and intimidating Lesnar looks and Cole said that in his career, that was the closest time he came to actually saying “Holy sh!t” on air.

In closing the segment, McAfee admitted he slipped a couple of times during the broadcast, though his biggest one was calling Peacock “the cock” when Edge hit the spear through the ropes on Seth Rollins. “HOLY…words I can’t say on The Cock,” McAfee said, quickly fixing his mistake by saying Peacock.

“Yeah, that was a fatal error,” McAfee laughed.

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