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Martha Hart “handcuffed” WWE on the Owen Hart DVD according to Bret

Bret Hart is not optimistic about the quality of the upcoming WWE DVD on his brother Owen, set for release this December, simply because Martha Hart has put a lot of restrictions on WWE.

In an interview with The LAW, Hart said that while he’s looking forward to it, he doubts it’s going to be a great DVD as Martha, Owen’s widow, “handcuffed” WWE by not allowing them to use any photos from the past or footage from prior joining WWE. He also said that during the sit down interview he taped with WWE for the DVD, the questions he was asked sort of gave away how short this life story on Owen will be.

The former WWE champion said Owen “would turn in his grave” if he knew what Martha is doing to erase his career from history and called her bitter and selfish.

“The whole thing was so bullshit that sure, there’s an Owen Hart DVD, but it’s the shits,” Bret said, and while he acknowledged WWE’s good intentions, he blamed Martha for not allowing WWE to go all out on the documentary.

In another recent interview, Bret hoped that Owen would be inducted in the Hall of Fame next year in Dallas, Texas, and he will be disappointed if he’s not. He said that if it doesn’t happen, he will not show up to any more Hall of Fames until it happens or the Hart Foundation gets inducted.

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