Maria Kanellis is your new, pregnant 24/7 champion!


The 24/7 title was a main feature in the first hour of Monday Night Raw with the first husband and wife champions crowned.

R-Truth successfully defended the title in the opening match as he teamed up with Carmella to take on Drake Maverick and his wife Renee Michelle. Unfortunately for Truth, many WWE Superstars surrounded him after he won and they all jumped on him to pin him.

It was Mike Kanellis who managed to take the title away and run though, and the announcer declared him the new champion. Running through the backstage area, Kanellis locked himself in the referee’s locker room as all the other Superstars tried to get in.

Kanellis didn’t open the door obviously but then his wife Maria came by and she told him to open the door. When he asked her to confirm her identity, Maria told him that if he doesn’t open the door, she was going to kick him in his vagina!

In a later segment, Maria told Mike to get on his back so she could pin him for the title so at least, her unborn child would have a parent who is a champion. Mike reluctantly obeyed as a referee counted to three. Maria came out of the room and dissed all the other Superstars, reminding them that she’s pregnant and no one would touch her. She did, however, invite them to her OBGYN appointment later this week so if anyone wants to pin her while she has her legs up and open, they can try.