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Major pricing error on WWE’s eBay store leads to hundreds of angry customers


A major pricing error on the official WWEShop eBay store led the hundreds of orders for replica title belts for just $40…but WWE is not honoring the orders and instead are refunding every eBay purchase.

Every item on the eBay store was listed for $40, be it a pair of socks, a baseball cap, a t-shirt, DVDs, action figures, and even replica titles. While spending $40 to buy a cap was not worth it, getting title belts for that price when they’re usually over $300 and $400 each was a major bargain.

But if it seems too good to be true, sometimes it’s just that…too good to be true! Replica titles including the WWE, Universal, World Heavyweight, Raw and Smackdown Tag Teams and Women’s, Undisputed, Intercontinental, UK, Cruiserweight, Winged Eagle, and every other title belt imaginable went for $40 each.

eBay buyers quickly snapped a lot of them but after realizing the mistake, WWE switched back to its regular pricing and started canceling the orders and refunding buyers.

The action did not go over well with the buyers who placed over 100 negative feedback so far, all angry for WWE not honoring the sale. According to most feedback, the orders were just canceled with no communication whatsoever. “Refusal to honor purchase price, cancelled order without warning,” wrote one buyer. “Not honoring stated prices for customers, never shopping here again,” another one said.

As a disclaimer, we did put in an order for four different title belts and the order has not been canceled…yet.