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Kurt Angle and John Cena enter the World Cup tournament at Crown Jewel

In a battle royal for a spot at the World Cup in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, Baron Corbin wrestled a bunch of enhancement talent and someone who was dressed as the good ol’ Conquistador.

As Corbin got rid of his opponents, Conquistador stayed on the outside, never eliminated, and went in when it was one-on-one with Corbin. The Conquistador then delivered three German suplexes and an Angle Slam before clotheslining Corbin over the top rope to win the match. Afterward, he unmasked himself to reveal that it was Kurt Angle!

Angle has not appeared on Raw since he was sent on a long vacation by Raw Commissioner Stephanie McMahon on the August 20 episode of Monday Night Raw and was replaced by Corbin. The last time Angle wrestled was also in Saudi Arabia where he was one of the participants of The Greatest Royal Rumble.

It was also announced that John Cena will be part of the tournament as four men from Raw and four men from Smackdown would be participating. Angle and Cena will be on the Raw side. Two qualifying matches from Smackdown will air tonight.

You can see Angle’s win in the battle royal and his unmasking below.

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