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John Cena says “thank you” to the WWE Universe

John Cena was the focal point of last night’s Raw as the company celebrated his 20 year anniversary in WWE.

The 16-time world champion appeared in several backstage segments throughout the broadcast before making his way out to the ring, introduced by none other than Vince McMahon.

With WWE Superstars lined up on each side of the aisle, the leader of the Cenation came out and said that tonight was not about him and celebrating, but tonight was about the fans and what’s next.

Cena thanked the thousands in the arena and the millions at home for allowing him do this for two decades. Cena credited the fans for telling him when he sucked and were kind enough to tell him when he didn’t.

“I’ve always wanted to say thank you, I guess I was just waiting for the right moment, and this right now feels like that right moment,” an emotional Cena said.

As fans chanted “Thank you Cena,” he said that his heart was beating out of his chest and he needed to say thank you to the fans for making him who he is.

He said that the WWE fans made him a better human being, a better professional, a better husband, and a better person.

“Being in the WWE and spending moments with the families I’ve spent today have thought me everything. It thought me caring, it thought me kindness, you guys sure as well thought me humility, and you thought me perseverance,” Cena continued.

“I’m 45 years old,” Cena said, “And I always say you don’t know when you’re going to see me in the ring again. I’m not saying you won’t, I just don’t know when that’s gonna be. So I need to say this now. It ain’t just going to be one, don’t worry about that!”

Cena concluded, “We never give up, we’re just getting started, and if you want some, come get some!”

John then gave his armbands, shirt, and cap to fans and then posed for some photos before saying thank you again and going to the back.

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