John Cena proud of Darren Young for coming out


John Cena said that he is very proud of Darren Young for coming out as gay even though he had no idea about it until he was told by the TMZ camera crew.

Cena and Nikki Bella were stopped by TMZ while they were out in the city and was asked if he knows about any openly gay WWE Superstars. Cena said no, they don’t have any, but then he was told about Young coming out.

“Oh wonderful! Good for him. Fantastic,” Cena said, before recounting a story how his older brother is gay and how tough it was for him among a family of five boys to come out.

He said Darren is a great a guy and is happy that he finally did come out. Cena said Young being gay won’t effect his in-ring work and he is a consummate professional and wonderful worker in the ring.

“If you’re entertaining you shouldn’t be judged by race, color or sexuality,” Cena said, adding that there won’t be any issues in the locker room now that Young has admitted that he is gay.

You can watch the TMZ interview with John Cena below.