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Jimmy Uso returns on Smackdown

Jimmy Uso made his return on WWE television last night on the Throwback edition of Friday Night Smackdown.

Jimmy was introduced as Daniel Bryan’s replacement by Roman Reigns in the opening segment and the two brothers and Reigns were part of several segments throughout the show, mainly disagreeing, with Jimmy standing up to Reigns.

In the show-closing angle, Jimmy and Reigns had an even bigger argument with Reigns telling him that if he doesn’t want to follow the orders, he can go back home and watch the show on television with his family.

Jimmy decided to leave the ring but Jey tried to convince him to join the family business rather than walking out on them. With everyone occupied, Cesaro jumped Reigns who was standing in the ring alone and Jimmy prevented Jey from the save, although Jey did eventually make his way to the ring to save his cousin.

The returning Uso then tried to save his brother who was also getting the smackdown by Cesaro but ended up on the receiving end of an uppercut for his trouble.

Jimmy has not been seen on WWE television since Hell In A Cell where he was attacked by Reigns and made Jey say “I quit” in the Hell In A Cell match to save his brother. Jimmy suffered a knee injury at WrestleMania 36 and had been out of action ever since.

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