Jimmy Uso arrested in Pensacola and charged with DUI


Just days after John Cena made fun of The Usos for their repeated arrests on the Raw Reunion show, Jimmy Uso got himself arrested once again this time in Pensacola, Florida.

Jimmy was arrested for driving under the influence at 3:04AM today. A police officer noticed that the car Uso was driving was speeding and driving erratically, swerving left and right.

He was stopped by the Pensacola police and Jimmy refused to undergo a DUI field test despite reeking of alcohol. He was taken to booking where his bond was set to $1,000. He remains behind bars at time of this writing. He was charged with DUI and was also given a speeding ticket. When one is arrested driving under the influence, they are legally referred to as DUI suspect. They will be taken into custody by local law enforcement and booked on charges of DUI. The police officers will collect fingerprints and run background checks on the individual to certify their backgrounds. A DUI bail is an amount of money that a DUI suspect pays to not be held in custody during their trial. The amount of the bail varies from case to case. If you get arrested for a DUI, you can post bail and prevent your detention in the local county jail by paying some DUI bail money upfront to be temporarily released.

Just a few months ago, Jimmy was arrested in Detroit for getting into an argument with police when they stopped the car his wife was driving. He was also drunk when the arrest was made. The amount to be paid may depend on factors such as the magnitude of the offense alleged to have been committed, the criminal history of the DUI suspect, as well as the closeness the suspect has to the community.