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Jeff Hardy arrested and charged with driving while impaired

Less than a year into his WWE return, Jeff Hardy has found himself in familiar territory again unfortunately, and that’s being arrested.

Hardy, who has just been cleared by his surgeon to return to action, was arrested in Concord, North Carolina on Saturday at 10:30PM and charged with driving while impaired. He was released around an hour later. The former champion was lost control of his vehicle and hit 105 feet of guardrail before his car turned 90 degrees to the left and stopping in the middle of a lane.

Jeff’s driving license has been revoked for 30 days and he has to appear at Cabarrus County Court on April 16.

His brother Matt was not impressed by his actions and wrote, “EVAH since the #7Deities have come to me, I do not put alcohol, drugs, or foreign substances into my VESSEL. I AM MORE.” Jeff has a history of arrests and alcohol issues that apparently haven’t been eliminated.

We researched using a mugshot search service and found it for your viewing pleasure – so you can check out his mugshot below.

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