Information on post-WrestleMania Raw and Smackdown ticket sales


WWE will be selling a combo package for Raw and Smackdown for after WrestleMania 33 through, the first time that there’s an option to buy both shows at the same time.

The Raw and Smackdown package will go on sale to the general public on Monday, November 28 at 10AM EST. A pre-sale will probably happen a few days beforehand.

Those who are not staying for both shows or prefer to buy a ticket for one show only, separate tickets for both Raw and Smackdown at the Amway Center will go on sale to the general public on Friday, December 2 at 10AM EST.

Smackdown will take place in the same city where WrestleMania will be held for the first time ever as usually the show takes place in a different city or even different state. With Smackdown now airing live on USA Network, it made sense to try and attract the same crowd that makes the post-WrestleMania Raw the usual memorable one.

The post-Mania Raw is a hot ticket and often sells out immediately along with NXT.