Hall of Fame ceremony airing live on the WWE Network


Here’s another reason why you should subscribe to the WWE Network when it launches on February 24: The WWE Hall of Fame induction ceremony will be airing live, in full, on Saturday, April 5.

While USA Network has aired segments of the Hall of Fame and WWE.COM also streamed parts of it, this will be the first time that the full, unedited ceremony will be airing live. In the past, a one hour version of the show would air before RAW, and even prior to that, it was airing on Saturday at 11PM, leaving WWE video editors cutting the show on the fly. The Hall of Fame is released in full as part of the WrestleMania DVD and Blu-Ray a month or two after the actual event.

So far the Ultimate Warrior, Jake “The Snake” Roberts, and Lita have been announced for the class of 2014. Two or three more individuals are expected to join the 2014 class.