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Goldberg talks Crown Jewel match, shutting up haters, and love for Bobby Lashley

WWE Hall of Famer Goldberg discussed his match against Bobby Lashley from Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia and feels that his latest match has shut up those who doubted him for the past several years.

Goldberg admitted that his track record in Saudi Arabia sucks, managing to knock himself out and dropping The Undertaker on his head among other botches.

“I needed to redeem myself,” Goldberg said on his podcast, titled CarCast. He said he wasn’t happy with his performance, but, “I’m satisfied with it to a point where I think it has shut all these f*ckers up, finally!”

Goldberg won his match against Lashley, which was a no holds barred and falls count anywhere match. The visual of the ending was pretty sweet too, with Goldberg spearing Lashley off the ramp and crashing on the floor where several tables were placed to cushion the landing.

The former Universal champion also praised Bobby Lashley, calling him a great individual and someone who he trusted enough to lay a finger on his son. “I would let anyone on this planet touch him (his son) if I didn’t love and trust them,” Goldberg said.

He said that he was honored that Lashley allowed him to dance with him and he had a lot of fun and winning the match was just icing on the cake.

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