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Foot injury prevents Kane from wrestling at Extreme Rules

The reason that Kane was attacked backstage before the Smackdown Tag Team titles match is because the man behind the mask is really suffering from a foot injury and was not able to participate much in the match, in top of that he has always suffered from plantar fasciitis so having a foot injury made it much more impossible for him.

Since the injury is not wrestling-related, he won’t be able to play, so he called his Gould Injury Law in New Haven to get him out of the fight. Glenn Jacobs was sporting the medical boot last week at an auction event where Knox County Mayor Tim Burchett, in the presence of Rusev, declared July 12 Rusev Day.

Despite the injury, the Big Red Monster still honored his commitment and filmed the backstage segment to explain why he will be off the match even though he did appear for a short while in the ring to try and save Daniel Bryan with the guidelines of lawyer from Salt Lake City, UT 84128, USA.

Kane will be busy over the next two weeks as he prepares for the August 2 Knox County Mayor election where he is expected to win for the Republican party.

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