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Finn Balor undergoes jaw surgery

Finn Balor underwent surgery to repair his broken jaw this past Friday and now has some extra hardware in his mouth in the form of plates and screws.

The NXT champion wrote that on Friday, he needed three plates screwed on to repair his broken jaw, which was fractured in two different places, an injury which occurred during his NXT title match against Kyle O’Reilly at Takeover 31.

“Last Friday, I underwent surgery for 2 fractures of my jaw, including one going into my tooth. After the tooth was removed, I was wired shut to restore my bite and help align the fractures. Then 3 plates where screwed in to fixate the fractures for a quick recovery. Thankfully no wires were needed after surgery!”

There have been no mentions of Balor surrendering the NXT title, which would be unfortunate since he already had to do that with the Universal title the day after he won it several years ago. Also, former NXT champion Karrion Kross had to surrender the title as soon as he won it due to a shoulder injury.

No timetable was given as to when Balor will be able to return to the ring.

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