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Finally…The Rock has come back…home!


Fans inside the STAPLES Center and the millions watching at home certainly were smelling what The Rock was cooking as the most electrifying man in sports entertainment returned to WWE TV yesterday after a three-year absence.

Dwayne Johnson showed up at the beginning of the Smackdown premiere on FOX to interrupt Baron Corbin after the King of the Ring winner interrupted the Raw Women’s champion Becky Lynch, who was given the honor to open the show.

After a brief stare down, The Rock gave Becky the special handshake and then blew off Corbin to pose on the turnbuckle. The Rock did not take long to get into his usual catchphrases and tore into Corbin, first telling him that he looked like a “broke ass Burger King on crack” and then a “35-year-old virgin at Comic Con.” He labeled Corbin as a “super tough dude” or better yet, an “STD,” which prompted fans to chant that at Corbin.

Eventually, things got physical with Becky Lynch throwing the first punch and then The Rock followed, including doing the People’s Elbow and The Rock Bottom much to the enjoyment of the crowd.

The Rock looked super excited to be there and during one of the close-ups when he did his “finally” routine, you could easily see the goosebumps on his body and even a little tear in his eye.

You can see his return video, which is already nearing 1 million views on YouTube, below.