Exclusive: The full NCIS report on Ashley Massaro’s rape allegations

The U.S. Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS) responded to a FOIA request which Wrestling-Online.com submitted three weeks ago for the full investigative report into Ashley Massaro’s rape allegations at a military base in Kuwait in 2006.

NCIS partially upheld our request for the report but redacted the names of those involved and the Special Agent who conducted the investigation as well as other PII.

The investigation was opened on June 28, 2019 following a report from the US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) regarding Massaro’s sexual abuse allegations at the Naval Clinic aboard Camp Life Support Area in Kuwait.

AFOSI and US Army Criminal Investigation Division (USACID) conducted the initial investigation into the allegations and then handed off the case to NCIS after unsuccessfully trying to locate the alleged crime scene and all logical investigative leads have been exhausted.

AFOSI’s report stated that Massaro was treated at Camp LSA on July 2, 2006 by a former US Navy Lt Physician Assistant.

“To date, no subject, scene, or witnesses have been identified. The reported victim is deceased, and no prosecutorial venue exists within the NCISRU Corpus Christi, TX area of responsibly. This case is closed,” the report states.

A review of Ashley Massaro’s medical record was conducted by a US Navy OB/GYN Speciality Leader, whose name was redacted, and the record did not indicate anything indicative of the allegations of sexual assault provided in the affidavit by Massaro.

Many of those interviewed who were deployed to Kuwait at the time claimed no knowledge of Naval Clinic aboard Camp Life Support Area and no recollection of Ashley Massaro. The investigation noted several inconsistencies in stories given by Massaro in her affidavit as well as by others who were on the trip and a meeting in August 2019 with WWE’s attorneys at K&L Gates LLP failed to unearth additional documentation relevant to the case.

A servicewoman who was with Patient Administration at the U.S. Navy in Kuwait during the time frame of the alleged crime said that she was not familiar with the Camp Life Support Area name or the facility and she was stationed at the Expeditionary Medical Facility. She could not recall the WWE armed forces tour and no civilians were treated at her facility.

“In addition, [redacted] did not recall any service providers by the name of [redacted] nor could she believe any of the service providers she served with capable of sexually assaulting a patient,” the NCIS report states. “Further, [redacted] did not see how it could be possible seeing how the clinic was physically set up. [redacted] advised the clinic was an open bay with no doors, except for the pharmacy. [redacted] indicated even the tent-like curtains provided for privacy for the exams barely stayed closed, leaving the exam areas exposed.”

The US Navy Lt Physician Assistant who was located by AFOSI was interviewed by NCIS and recalled seeing and treating Ashley Massaro.

“[redacted] recalled the day MASSARO was treated was a Sunday, and he was off duty, but was called in when he was alerted there was an issue with a civilian,” the report states.

The Physician Assistant recalled Massaro wearing street clothes in the exam room and her hair was “done up like she was just finished performing” and complained of abdominal and pelvic pain. He said that Massaro was accompanied by a male civilian who he did not recognize but “seemed to be acting skittish and strange.” He was described as in his thirties, mustache, and well built.

When he saw Massaro, she was drowsy but not falling asleep or slurring her words and someone suggested that “she was high” but he could not come to that conclusion for sure.

The Physician Assistant said that Massaro agreed to a pelvic exam with a female Corpsman also in the room and at one point there was banging on the door and asking if she was okay. She responded that everything was fine and the exam continued. The PA couldn’t recall the name of the female Corpsman and couldn’t recall anyone wearing an orange shirt and cargo shorts, something that Massaro said in her affidavit.

“[redacted] stated he did not see MASSARO leave the facility, but MASSARO could have been resting in one of the urgent care bays and he did not witness it. [redacted] stated he did not see MASSARO crying or upset during the exam, incapacitated, or anything that would have made him think that she had been sexually assaulted. [redacted] stated he did not observe any disturbances at the facility other than the manager banging on the door,” the NCIS report continues.

The report involves further interrogation of other military members who were stationed in Kuwait at the time but no good leads came in.

“NCISRA Bahrain contacted MCIO agents from US Army Criminal Investigation Command (CID) and US Air Force Office of Special Investigations (AFOSI) to locate and document a crime scene at the medical treatment area of Camp Life Support Area in Kuwait. AFOSI agents at Ali AL Salem have conducted extensive research on finding the scene, and have not been able to locate it. Due to the inability to locate the crime scene, this lead tasking has been completed,” the report concludes.

The full report can be accessed here.

NCIS: Ashley Massaro investigative report by Wrestling-Online.com on Scribd

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