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Early betting odds for the top four matches at Clash of Champions 2019

We are just over 24 hours away from another pay-per-view with WWE taking center stage with Clash of Champions. All WWE titles will be on the line on the broadcast and today we will look at the top four title matches.

The Universal title match will see the current Raw Tag Team champions taking on each other. As things stand, Seth Rollins is the clear favorite to retain the red belt with his odds at 1/5 while Strowman is at 100/30.

The WWE title match has much more closer odds and it wouldn’t be a surprise if the underdog takes over tomorrow. Kofi Kingston, the reigning champ, is favorite at 4/5 with Randy Orton hot on his heels at 10/11.

The Raw Women’s title has odds exactly similar to that of the WWE title match but inverted, with the challenger Sasha Banks the slight favorite with 4/5 odds while champ Becky Lynch is at 10/11 to retain the title.

And the Smackdown Women’s title sees champion Bayley with 4/7 odds and favorite against Charlotte Flair who is 5/4. If Flair wins she will win her 10th title.

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