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DISH Network issues statement on future WWE pay-per-views

In a statement issued to Wrestling-Online.com from DISH Network’s Corporate Communications office, the company has confirmed that they will not offer WWE pay-per-views however will consider the value of the PPV shows on an event by event basis.

“WWE has chosen to launch a 24/7 online network, without its TV partners, that includes all of its pay-per-view events. As WWE enters the increasingly fragmented media world by themselves, DISH will continue to consider the value of WWE
pay-per-view on an event by event basis,” the statement says.

“DISH continues to provide a variety of WWE programming, including WWE Raw on USA, WWE Smackdown on Syfy, WWE Main Event on Ion and WWE Total Divas on E!. At this time, WWE pay-per-view events are not available on DISH.”

DISH becomes the first PPV provider to dump WWE shows due to the WWE Network. DirecTV threatened to do the same in January but has confirmed that it will carry the Elimination Chamber, the last PPV-only show that will air before the Network launches.

Upcoming WWE pay-per-views will be available on the WWE Network as part of the $9.99 package and will also be airing on the traditional pay-per-view format for the usual price of $54.95.

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