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Different ways, and prices, on how to watch the two-night WrestleMania 36

For the first time ever, WrestleMania will be on two consecutive nights and while usually that takes place on the “grandest stage of them all,” the 36th installment of WWE’s biggest show will be held on the smallest stage of them all this year with the show coming from the Performance Center and a couple of other unknown locations.

What still remains “grand” though this year is the traditional pay-per-view price. While WrestleMania is available for free for first-time subscribers to the WWE Network or $10 as part of your current subscription, those who do not have the Network and still want to get WrestleMania on television will have to shell out a little bit more than $10.

But what’s the price since this is split over two nights?

Dish Network is selling both nights for $59.99 and no option to purchase them separately. AT&T U-Verse is splitting the nights and selling the show for $34.95 each, which comes to $69.90 if you want to watch both night one and two. DirecTV is also taking the same approach with each night available separately for $34.95. Verizon Fios is a little bit cheaper, with each night available for $29.99 but ultimately it will still cost $60 to see both nights just like Dish.

Fans can sign up now to get their free 30-day trial to the WWE Network which also includes WrestleMania for free at http://w-o.it/wwentwrk. The recent free view offer of the Network where WWE unlocked thousands of hours for a limited time does not include WrestleMania 36.

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