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Daniel Bryan gets right back into action on first day after getting cleared

Daniel Bryan did not waste any time to get in action and his foes didn’t waste time to attack him as last night on Smackdown, Bryan was on the receiving end of a brutal beat up by Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn.

Bryan started the show by cutting a promo thanking everyone – his fans, his wife, the WWE medical team – and announcing that he will be back in the ring, although when, he doesn’t know yet. The fans chanted “WrestleMania” as Bryan looked at the sign hanging from the rafters and asked them if they thought it would be a good idea to come back at WrestleMania, a question that was answered with a resounding “Yes!”

But addressing Owens and Zayn in the final segment of the show, things took a turn for the worse for the Smackdown General Manager. Bryan fired both Owens and Zayn for what they did to Shane McMahon last week and said that they won’t be gone forever, but for the time being. Bryan offered his hand for a handshake and the two Canadians obliged.

But then Owens snapped and took out Bryan as Zayn punched him in the face while he was down. Bryan recovered and delivered a German suplex to Zayn and running dropkicks. He then started the leg kicks but Zayn interrupted much to the disappointment of the crowd. Owens hit a super kick and Zayn hit the Helluva kick. Outside the ring, Owens gave Bryan a powerbomb on the apron to end the show.

The crowd went absolutely ballistic once Bryan got the upper hand, bringing back memories of Bryan’s run leading up to WrestleMania XXX. You can see the video of the final segment below.

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